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Major Ukraine Newspapers List: DELO, Delovaya Stolitsa, Den, Expres, Ukrainianwall, Fakty i Kommentarii... Largest Ukraine newspapers by circulation.

  • All About Accounting

    Kiev, Ukraine

  • DELO

    Kiev, Ukraine

  • Delovaya Stolitsa


  • Expres


  • Ukrainianwall


  • Fakty i Kommentarii




  • Kiev Post

    Kiev, Ukraine

  • ZN


  • Interfax-Ukraine


  • The Kyiv Independent

    Kiev, Ukraine

  • Odessa Daily

    Odessa, Ukraine

  • Sevodnya


  • Silski Visti


  • Ukrainska Pravda


Ukraine Newspapers in 2023 list

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newspapers questions

Ukrainian newspapers questions

What is the biggest Ukrainian newspaper?

Founded in 1992, Express (Ukrainian: Експрес, also transliterated as Ekspres or Express) is a daily newspaper based in Lviv and most relevant in Ukraine.

Which social media is most used in Ukraine?

In 2021, Facebook was the most used social media platform in Ukraine, with YouTube being the second most popular social network.

What media is in Ukraine?

Kyiv owns media sector in Ukraine. The Kyiv Post (Weekly) is Ukraine's leading English-language newspaper.

Who owns the Kyiv Independent newspaper?

The owner is Syrian investor Adnan Kivan (Kadorr Group, owner of Odessa Canal 7).

How is the press in Ukraine?

Out of 180 countries, Ukraine ranked 96th in the 2020 World Press Freedom Index.

How many newspapers are there in Ukraine?

If we take into account Russian and English newspapers in Ukraine, there are more than 2,500 to read. The magazines will be more than 1,000.


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