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Major UK Newspapers List: The Sun, Metro, Daily Mail, The Sunday Times, Daily Mirror, The Sun on Sunday... Largest UK newspapers by circulation.

  • newspaper bbc

    London, UK

  • newspaper the guardian

    London, UK

  • newspaper daily mail

    London, UK

  • newspaper mirror

    London, UK

  • the times

    London, UK

  • the shuttle

    The Shuttle

    Kidderminster, England

  • daily telegraph

    London, UK

  • the observer

    The Observer

    London, UK

  • independent

    London, UK

  • financial times

    London, UK

  • the sun

    London, UK

  • big issue

    London and Glasgow, UK

  • daily express

    London, UK

  • morning star

    Morning Star

    London, UK

  • evening standard

    London, UK

  • metro

    London, UK

  • city am

    London, UK

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BBC newspaper bbc

BBC stands for: British Broadcasting Corporation. Founded in 1922. It is a UK public television and radio corporation which is also affectionately known as "Beeb". It has an excellent reputation both nationally and internationally although some critics see it as biased and pro-London. It was for many years the sole provider of radio and television in the UK.

The Guardian newspaper the guardian

The Guardian is an independent British national daily newspaper. Until 1959 it was called the Manchester Guardian. The newspaper has two more websites in Australia and USA versions. It is nicknamed "The Grauniad", given the frequency of some typos.

Daily Mail newspaper daily mail

The Daily Mail is a British newspaper, a tabloid, which had its origins in 1896. It is a very popular British newspaper second only to The Sun. The newspaper's editorial inclination is social and political conservatism and its publications cover all types of opinions on any subject.

Mirror newspaper mirror

The Daily Mirror, also known as The Mirror, is a British daily tabloid since 1903. In the years between 1985 and 1987 and from 1997 to 2002, the name used was The Mirror.

The tabloid gained more popularity in November 2004 following the re-election of George W. Bush. The paper said at the time: "How could 59,054,087 people be so idiotic?"

The Sunday Times the times

The Sunday Times is Britain's best-selling Sunday newspaper. It is sold in both the UK and Ireland.

The Sunday Times dominates the UK's quality Sunday newspaper market and has gained lots of reputation for its investigative reporting.

The newspaper has three magazines: The Sunday Times Magazine, Culture and Style, as well as three tabloid supplements (Travel, Home and Driving).

The Shuttle the shuttle

The Shuttle, formerly known as the Kidderminster Shuttle, is a free weekly (Thursday) newspaper distributed to families in Wyre Forest, Worcestershire, England. It has its headquarters in Weybridge, Surrey.

It remains a local institution in the Kidderminster area, primarily with its focus on local politics and Kidderminster Harriers F.C.

The Shuttle has its origins in the 19th century and takes its name from the carpet industry for which Kidderminster is well known.

Daily Telegraph daily telegraph

The Daily Telegraph or just The Telegraph is a British newspaper published in London by the Telegraph Media Group and distributed throughout the country, as well as internationally.

It has a sister newspaper, The Sunday Telegraph, since 1961.

The newspaper is a benchmark among the country's leading newspapers and has been described by the BBC as the "establishment newspaper".

The Observer the observer

The Observer is a UK newspaper distributed on Sundays. It was first published in 1791 and is the oldest Sunday newspaper in the world.

It is considered a very high quality newspaper essentially due to its seriousness and depth, in contrast to many other newspapers in the country.

Its editorial line is center-left, with social-liberal or social-democratic positions.

The Independent independent

The Independent is a British online newspaper. Previously, its format was standard, but from 2003 it became a tabloid.

The newspaper declares itself to be free from any pressures or influences. The latest print edition of The Independent on Sunday hit the streets for the last time on March 20, 2016.

Financial Times financial times

Financial Times is an international English-language daily newspaper focusing on business and economic news. The newspaper was founded in 1888 in London and merged in 1945 with its closest rival, the Financial News, which dates back to 1884.

The Sun the sun

The Sun is a daily newspaper in tabloid format distributed in the United Kingdom and Ireland. It belongs to the News Group Newspapers group of News International.

The Big Issue big issue

The Big Issue is a street newspaper created by John Bird and Gordon Roddick in 1991. It is published in four continents. The Big Issue is one of the UK's leading social businesses to help homeless people reintegrate into society. It is the most popular and widely circulated street newspaper in the world.

Daily Express daily express

The Daily Express is a British daily tabloid and the flagship title edited by Express Newspapers which also publishes the Daily Star and Daily Star Sunday newspapers. Its owner is Richard Desmond.

It has a Sunday edition called the Sunday Express.

Morning Star morning star

The Morning Star is a left-wing British daily newspaper that focuses on social, political and trade union issues. The newspaper assumes that its editorial position is aligned with Socialism in Great Britain.

Evening Standard evening standard

Its former name was The Standard from the years 1827 to 1904. It is a free local London daily newspaper and is published weekdays in tabloid format.

In 2009, the Russian Alexander Lebedev bought the newspaper and ended a history of 180 years of paid circulation and became a free newspaper, doubling its circulation.

Metro metro

This is a free tabloid available in some parts of the UK. It is distributed by Associated Newspapers, which is part of the Daily Mail and General Trust. It is published on weekdays with the exception of holidays. Its distribution is done in places as different as public transport services, commercial establishments, workplaces, bus stops or hand delivery to common pedestrians.

The newspaper was initially launched only in the City of London in 1999.

City A.M. city am

City A.M. is a free business-focused newspaper distributed in London. It has a website, which you can find here at the link, with a digital audience of more than 2 million unique users per month.

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