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Major Pakistani Newspapers List: Dawn, Express, Express Tribune, Daily Pakistan, The News, Pakistan Today, Nation, Dunya, Ummat...

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    Karachi, Pakistan

  • express pakistan


    Lahore, Pakistan

  • the express tribune

    Express Tribune


  • daily pakistan

    Daily Pakistan

    Lahore, Pakistan

  • international the news

    The News

    Karachi, Pakistan

  • pakistan today

    Pakistan Today

    Lahore, Pakistan

  • the nation



  • dunya


    Lahore, Pakistan

  • ummat


    Karachi, Pakistan

  • daily times pakistan

    Daily Times

    Lahore, Pakistan

  • business-recorder

    Business Recorder


  • pakistan-observer

    Pakistan Observer

    Lahore, Pakistan

  • friday-times

    Friday Times


  • regional times

    Regional Times of Sindh


  • financial daily

    Financial Daily

    Lahore, Pakistan

Pakistan Newspapers List in English: 2023list

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Dawn down

The Dawn newspaper is the most popular English language newspaper in Pakistan. The Dawn Group of Newspapers owns a radio station, CityFM89, and the aforementioned newspaper.
Dawn was created in October 1941 to give a voice to the Muslim League. The newspaper has offices in Karachi, Lahore, the capital Islamabad and correspondents abroad.

Express express pakistan

The newspaper provides news in Urdu, including breaking news, the main issues of society in Pakistan and also in the world.

Express Tribune the express tribune

The Express Tribune is a traditional Pakistani daily newspaper in English, based in Karachi since 1999. This newspaper is the ex-libris of the Daily Express media group which has a partnership with the New York Times.
Supports social liberalism and left-wing politics. The main themes of the newspaper are national and international politics, economy, sport and culture. It also distributes a magazine called Express Tribune Magazine only on Sundays. In the year 2012, the online edition of the newspaper had the highest readership in Pakistan as well as abroad.

Daily Pakistan daily pakistan

Daily Pakistan is a Pakistani daily newspaper in Urdu and English languages. Heading the newspaper is Mr. Mujeeb-ur-Rehman Shami. The newspaper is currently distributed in Islamabad, Peshawar, Lahore, Karachi and Multan at the same time since 1997.

The News international the news

The News International is a newspaper that provides breaking news about Pakistan as well as the world. It addresses topics such as sport, culture and society in general.

Pakistan Today pakistan today

Pakistan Today is an English-language Pakistani daily newspaper distributed by Nawa Media Corporation in the cities of Lahore, Karachi (the country's most populous city) and the capital Islamabad.
The newspaper also makes available a business magazine, "Profit Magazine".

Nation the nation

The newspaper provides the latest country news in the cities of Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad. Other topics: international news, sports, business, lifestyle, entertainment and a blog.

Dunya dunya

Daily Dunya is an online Pakistani newspaper in Urdu. Its head office is in Lahore, Pakistan.

Ummat ummat

Uma is a Pakistani newspaper in Urdu. National and international news about business, opinion, sport and other less relevant subjects.

Daily Times daily times pakistan

It’s an English-language newspaper of Pakistan since April 2002 that supports liberal ideas. The Daily Times is distributed at the same time in the cities of Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi. It was owned by the Governor of Punjab and Salmaan Taseer.

Business Recorder business-recorder

Business Recorder is a Pakistani financial newspaper with daily circulation since 1965. It was created by Mr. Zuberi who was one of the pioneers of financial journalism in the country. It belongs to the Business Recorder Group.

Pakistan Observer pakistan-observer

The Pakistan Observer is one of the oldest English daily newspapers in the country and also one of the most popular. It is distributed in the cities of Islamabad, Peshawar, Lahore, Quetta, Karachi and Muzaffarabad.
The newspaper talks about topics as diverse as politics, economics, business or sports. Associated with the newspaper is a magazine that comes out on Sundays: SocialDiary. The themes of the magazine are: interviews, fashion, cooking, reviews and opinions, tourism, blogs, technology, among others.

Friday Times friday-times

The Friday Times is an independent, weekly English-language newspaper. It has its headquarters in the second most populous city in the country: Lahore.
The Friday Times was first published in 1989. The editor who founded the paper and his wife have received international awards from Amnesty International and the Committee to Protect Journalists.

Regional Times Of Sindh regional times

Regional newspaper of the province of Sinde. Sinde is one of the four provinces into which the country is divided. The provincial capital is Karachi.

Financial Daily financial daily

The newspaper is the first English language business daily since the year 2006. It is an 8 to 12 page newspaper distributed in the cities of Karachi and Lahore.
Financial Daily has its own qualified independent researchers. It is the most popular and most popular newspaper in the country's business community, with a tendency to improve.
Its portfolio comprises: breaking news, exclusives, national and international affairs, technical articles, analyses, economic trends, relevant interviews, company reports, everything related to money, forex, as well as investment plans. One of the best economic newspapers in the sector.

newspapers questions

Pakistan Newspapers List questions

What is the largest newspaper of Pakistan?

Dawn, Karachi

Is Dawn a Pakistani newspaper?

Dawn is a Pakistani English language newspaper launched in British India in the year 1941.

Who owns Pakistan today?

Nawa Media Corporation
Its creator and editor is Arif Nizami, editors are Arif Nizami and Sarmad Bashir and the chief operating officer is Babur Nizami.

How many newspapers are there in Pakistan?

According to the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, there were 708 in 2019.

Who controls media in Pakistan?

Most print media is privately owned, although the government controls the Associated Press of Pakistan, one of the largest news outlets. From 1964 until the 1990s, the National Press Trust was a government front to dominate the press.

Who regulates newspapers in Pakistan?

The entity responsible for regulating newspapers is the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Pakistan.

Which is the oldest newspaper of Pakistan?

The Daily Jang is since 1939, an Urdu newspaper based in Karachi, Pakistan.

Who invented newspaper in Pakistan?

Muhammad Ali Jinnah played a central role in creating Dawn and its success in the early years. The Dawn newspaper was launched in Delhi in October 1941.

When did newspaper started in Pakistan?

The media in Pakistan dates back to the pre-partition of British India, where some newspapers were created to spread a communalist or partition agenda. The Dawn newspaper was created by Muhammad Ali Jinnah and first distributed in 1941, calling for an independent Pakistan.


Other less popular Pakistan Newspapers List

AAJ Daily


Akhbar-e-Khyber ( Peshawar city )

Akhbar e Nau ( Karachi, Sinde )

Al-Akhbar ( Islamambad )

Alfazl ( Rabwah )

Apna Jhelum ( Jhelum - Sohawa - Chakwal - Dina - Pind Dadan Khan )

Apna Pirmahal

APS Associated Press Service ( Islamabad city - Rawalpindi ) ( language: English and Urdu )

Asia Pacific News ( Jhelum ) ( language: English and Urdu )

Asia Times ( language: English )

Associated Press of Pakistan

BBC Jhelum ( Punjab state )

BBC News

Bazeera ( Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province ) ( language: English and Urdu )

Chitral News ( Chitral )

Chitral Post ( Chitral / Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province ) ( language: English & Urdu )

Chitral Times ( NWFP - Chitral ) ( language: English and Urdu )

The Convener Weekly ( Karachi, Sinde Sindh ) ( language: English )

The Correspondent PK ( language: English )

Daily Aaj Kal

Daily Alfazl ( Panjab - Rabwah )

Daily Ausaf ( Islamabad city Rawalpindi )

Daily Awami Awaz ( Karachi, Sinde )

Daily Azadi Swat ( Khyber - Pakhtunkhwa )

Daily Baad-e-Shimal ( Gilgit - Baltistan )

Daily Baithak ( Punjab state/Multan ) ( language: English )

Daily Beopar Karachi, Sinde ( Sindh - Karachi, Sinde )

Daily Chand News

Daily Charsadda News ( Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province )

Daily Crimemail ( Vehar - Multan - Lahore )

Daily Dawn ( Punjab state ) ( language: English )

Daily Dharti

Daily Din News ( Lahore - Punjab state )

Daily Gujar Khan 2 Day( language: English and Urdu )

The Daily Heights ( Azad Kashmir/ Muzzafarabad ) ( language: English )

Daily Ibrat ( Hyerabad ) ( Sindhi )

Daily Ilhaaq ( Peshawar city )

Daily Indus Post ( Karachi, Sinde - Multan & Hyderabad )

Daily Islam ( Sindh Punjab state Sarhad )

Daily Jang

The Daily Jasarat

Daily Jazba ( Punjab state )

Daily Jurat ( Lahore - Rawalpindi - Muzafrabad - Mirpur - Quetta - Peshawar city )

Daily K2 ( Gilgit - Islamabad city - Karachi, Sinde )

Daily Kashmir Express ( Kashmir )

Daily Khabarnama Faisalabad ( Faisalabad )

Daily Khabrain

Daily Lahore Post ( Lahore, Panjabe )

Daily Manaqib ( Islamabad city )

Daily Mashriq ( NWFP / Peshawar city )

Daily Nai Baat

Daily Newsmart ( Punjab state - Rawalpind )

Daily NHT ( language: English )

Daily Pakistan ( Lahore, Panjabe ) ( language: English - Urdu & Chinese )

The Daily Pakistan ( Islamabad city ) {language: English and Urdu )

Daily Panah ( Punjab state - Rawalpind )

The Daily Patriot ( Islamabad city ) ( language: English )

Daily Pegham

Daily Post International ( Islamabad city )

Daily Press Conference ( Gujranwala )

Daily Pukar ( Punjab state )

Daily Qadamat ( Punjab state )

Daily Sada-e-Chanar ( Azad Jammu & Kashmir )

The Daily Sada-e-Haq ( Dera Ismail Khan )

Daily Saif-ul-Akhbar ( Sialkot )

Daily Salam Gilgit Baltistan ( Gilgit Baltistan )

Daily Sama ( Islamabad city - Rawalpindi - Lahore - Gujranwala - Peshawar city & Karachi, Sinde )

Daily Sobh ( Karachi, Sinde )

Daily Soon Times ( Islamabad city / Sargodha / Karachi, Sinde ) ( language: English )

Daily Taqat ( Lahore - Islamabad city - Rawalpindi - Karachi, Sinde - Peshawar city - Muzaffarabad - Bahawalpur - Fasialabad - Gujrawala - Sailkot )

Daily Ummat ( Karachi, Sinde )

Daily Universal Recorder ( Islamabad city )

Daily Voice Of Pakistan ( Islamabad city )

Daily Wahdat ( Khyber Paktunkhwa ) ( In Pashto )

Daily Walayat News

Daily Waqt ( Punjab state )

The Dardistan Times ( Gilgit - Baltistan & Chitral ) ( language: English )

Dhudial News ( Chakwal ) ( language: English and Urdu )

Diplomacy Pakistan News ( Karachi, Sinde - Sind ) ( language: English )

Dhudial News ( Punjab state - Chakwal )

Dunya News ( Lahore, Panjabe ) ( language: English )

Dunya News ( Lahore, Panjabe )

Ehtasabi Amal Lahore ( Punjab state ) ( Islamabad city )

The Exclusive News ( language: English )

Express ( Sindh ) ( language: English and Urdu )

Falak News

FevTv Pakistan News ( Sindh / Punjab state ) ( language: English )

FQDUpdates ( Punjab state - Sheikhupura & Farooqabad ) ( language: English and Urdu )

Geo News ( Lahore, Panjabe ) ( language: English )

Gujar Khan 2day ( Gujar Khan ) ( language: English and Urdu )


Human Rights Post ( Karachi, Sinde ) ( Sindhi )

Ilm News ( Chanab - Naga - Chiniot - Jhang & Faisal Abbad ) ( language: English and Urdu )

Independent News Pakistan ( Islamabad city ) ( language: English )

Indus News ( Islamabad city ) ( Sindhi )

Inkashaf Urdu ( Punjab state/Multan )

International News Network ( language: English )

Islam Times ( Islamabad city )

Ittefaq News ( Karachi, Sinde )


Jasarat ( Karachi, Sinde ) ( language: English and Urdu )

Jazba Post ( Karachi, Sinde Sindh )

Jhelum News ( Jhelum - Punjab state )

Jhelum Updates ( Punjab state - Jhelum )

K2 Times ( Abbottabad )

Karachi, Sinde News Network ( Karachi, Sinde )

Karachi, Sinde Updates ( Karachi, Sinde )

Kashmir Media Service ( language: English )

Kashmir Watch ( language: English )

Khabrain ( Punjab state )

Khohar News ( Khohar )


Lahore News ( Punjab state ) ( language: English and Urdu )

The Lahore Times ( Lahore, Panjabe ) ( language: English )

Mandi Bahauddin News ( Mandi Bahauddin )

Millat Online

Minute Mirror ( Punjab state ) ( language: English )

Mubassir ( Islamabad city ) ( language: English and Urdu )

Multan Updates ( Multan - Punjab state ) ( language: English and Urdu )

Muslim World Today ( language: English )

Muzaffarabad News ( Muzaffarabad Azad Kashmir )


Nawai-i-Waqt ( Lahore, Panjabe )

Newsline Karachi, Sinde ( Karachi, Sinde )

Nowshera Today ( Nowshera Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province ) ( language: English )

Pakistan Daily ( language: English )

Pakistan Link

Pakistan News ( language: English )

Pakistan News Today ( Lahore - Punjab state ) ( language: English )

Pakistan Post ( language: English )

Pakistan Telegraph ( language: English )

Pakistan Tribune ( Islamabad city ) ( language: English )

The Pakistani Newspaper

Pak News LIve

Pakistan Times ( Islamabad city ) ( language: English )

PakPositive ( language: English )

PakTribune ( National ) ( language: English )

Parliament Times ( Islamabad city - Quetta - Muzaffarabad & AJK ) ( language: English )

Pindi Post ( Punjab state / Rawalpindi )

The Pioneer ( Karachi, Sinde Sindh ) ( language: English )

Pirmahal News ( Punjab state - Pirmahal )

The Post ( National ) ( language: English ) ( Rawalpindi - Gujar Khan - Kallar Syedan - Kahuta - Kotli Satian - UK ) ( Urdu - language: English & Potohari )

Press Conference ( Gujranwala )

Pukar News ( Gujrat - Punjab state ) ( language: English and Urdu )

The Pashtun Times ( language: English - Urdu - Pashto & German )

Qaumi Akhbar ( Karachi, Sinde - Sindh )

Roshan Pakistan Daily Urdu News ( Islamaad ) ( language: English )

Samaa ( language: English )

Sada-e-Waqt ( Azad Kashmir - Islamabad city - Rawalpindi )

Sehar News ( Punjab state ) ( language: English and Urdu )

Sindh Week ( Sindh - Karachi, Sinde ) ( language: English )

The Statesman ( Peshawar city ) ( language: English )

StateViews ( Islamabad city ) ( language: English and Urdu )

Tasweer-E-Wattan ( Gujrat - Punjab state )

Times of Islamabad city ( language: English )

Times of Pakistan ( Lahore - Punjab state ) ( language: English )

Umeed-e-jahan International ( Sindh Karachi, Sinde )

Urdu24 ( Islamabad city )

Urdu Khabrain ( Islamabad city )

Urdu Point

UrduPower ( Islamabad city )

Urdu Waqt ( Gujranwala )

US Urdu News

Voice of Jalalour Jattan ( Jalalpur Jattan )

Weekly Cutting Edge ( Lahore, Panjabe ) ( language: English )

Zama Swat ( Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province )

Need of Digital Schools in Pakistan

Anita Desai in her novel The Village by the Sea expresses a thought that truly captures the essence of the world we occupy. She says, “the wheel turns and turns” and this cannot be truer in the case where we inhabit a planet that is constantly evolving.
The present order of the world is entirely digital. The developed countries are busy shifting everything from pages to computer files. Things are transferring from manual to automatic. The man power is getting replaced by an advanced computer application every passing hour. In such an era, we witness Pakistan creating insufficient skilled users to compete in the world. Pakistan’s digital presence on the world map is not satisfactory. If examined closely, one of the potential reasons is the unrevised and poor syllabus strategy that is being practiced in our schools.

This article is an attempt to closely examine and dissect the reasons of failure of Pakistan in creating a powerful digital impact in the world due to the syllabus content that is unrevised and poorly designed at secondary school level particularly in Karachi.
Furthermore, another focal point of the current research will include French philosopher Jean-Francois Lyotard’s book The Postmodern Condition: A Report on Knowledge perspective, where he talks about knowledge and power. This theoretical framework will further help in strengthening the connection between the advanced digital era and Pakistan’s reasons of being absent in it.

Jean Francois Lyotard was a French philosopher who closely examined status of ‘knowledge’ in advanced European countries. He attempted to understand the communication, control of the flow, origin, organization and worth of knowledge in highly developed societies. He contemplated on the modern and technological shift that the world has undergone. He proposed that the knowledge cannot only be stored rather can also be regulated at the same pace. So, it has become more like a commodity that has its own worth and value.
This further implies, that it becomes a commodity that has its net worth in society and can be sold. It becomes a tool of the capitalist system to generate, sell, serve, and even exploit according to its best interest. It would not be wrong to say that the advance countries use it to overpower weaker states. In other words, Lyotard changed the definition of war from invading a piece of land to the power of knowledge.

Now, considering the current scenario of knowledge being a pertinent currency to create hegemony over other weaker states can directly be studied in contrast to the level of digital content that is being provided at school level. Computer subject is the basic level of imparting digital literacy in children. It is a book that is considered as the first interaction of a child to the world of digital possibilities.
However, this first interaction weakens the criticality of a child and further fails him to compete in the digital race. The 9th grade Computer textbook shows the contents to be age-old where children rote learns instead of experiencing an advanced computer feature. The 2022 era does not require a syllabus that was last revised years ago. In the world of Elon Musk and Zuckerberg, the unequipped and unlearned computers users stand no chance.

Pakistani education system is currently inefficient in terms of adding meaningful and advance level of content. The digital illiteracy is the outcome of our school’s content that is being overlooked for centuries now.
A single syllabus including definitions of input, output, memory and storage devices has taken up the room of our young bright minds where unfortunately the same space could have been utilized to introduce them to computer languages and varied software.
On top of that, the barely abled computer literate teachers add to this digital illiteracy and creates a ripple effect by producing more rote learning individuals rather than critical experienced based learners. However, the world is a fast-paced wheel that does not stop for anyone. The globe has entered an era where it is taking on crypto markets, busy in re-launching existing platforms in accordance to highest developmental digital stage and challenging the current digital fences. In such a space, anything less will be squashed in minutes.

Pakistan despite having a youth that shines brighter than the sun seems too weakened on the current digital map. Lyotard’s way of defining the importance of this can be set as a parameter to understand the importance of knowledge and how it plays a role in creating a hegemony.
If a thoughtful consideration is being paid to this sphere, it will add to the net worth of the society and hence will create a presence that would not be ever challenged. No matter how dark the tunnel is, there is always a light gleaming at the end of it.
Similarly, the situation is not entirely hopeless. It is the same country where Arfa Karim and many more created world records in Microsoft skills. The Covid 19 accelerated the digitalization and the entire world has taken the track already. It will take no time if all software engineers start making up groups and applications to help children become software learned individuals. We currently have example of Orbit-Ed where students of Nust teach children about computer languages through interactive learning solutions. Thus, the power of each individual in this scenario cannot be denied because together people can move mountains.
On the other hand, our schools need to revamp their computer course policy. After examining the subject policy and its learning outcome at each level, which are also being simultaneously practiced in the world, a course outline must be designed. Students of each level must be introduced to each lesson in an interactive session where it leaves an indelible mark on their minds. Bit by bit, the puzzle will solve and hence in the world of Elon Musk there would be traces of Pakistan also.

Written by: Sidra Shahab

Sidra Shahab

References: references sites

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