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Major Nigerian Newspapers List: Business Day, Complete Sports, The Guardian, This Day, Punch on the Web, The Punch, Nigerian Tribune, Vanguard...

  • businessday

    Business Day

    Abuja, Nigeria

  • completesports

    Complete Sports

    Abuja, Nigeria

  • the guardian ng

    The Guardian

    London, UK

  • this day

    This Day

    Abuja, Nigeria

  • punch

    Punch on the Web


  • osun defender

    Osun Defender

    Abuja, Nigeria

  • daily punch

    Daily Punch

    Lagos, Nigeria

  • nigerian tribune

    Nigerian Tribune


  • vanguard


    Lagos, Nigeria

  • the nation


    Lagos, Nigeria

  • daily trust

    Daily Trust

    Abuja, Nigeria

  • national accord

    National Accord

    Abuja, Nigeria

  • the sun

    The Sun

    Lagos, Nigeria

  • pm news

    PM News


  • leadership


    Abuja, Nigeria

  • the daily times

    Daily Times

    Lagos, Nigeria

  • the tide

    The Tide

    Abuja, Nigeria

  • national network

    National Network


Nigeria Newspapers List in 2023 list

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Business Day businessday

The Business Day newspaper was born in 2001 and it has its headquarters in Lagos.
It publishes from Monday to Friday and also on Sunday.
It is present in two countries: Nigeria and Ghana.
The editor of Businessday is Mr. Frank Aigbogun, the editor of the daily newspaper is Mr. Tayo Fagbule.
The paper has creative writers and has produced many award-winning journalists for excellence in financial journalism.

Complete Sports completesports

Complete Sports is a national and daily sports newspaper based in Isolo, Lagos.
It first appeared in 1995 as the flagship newspaper of Complete Communications Limited, later becoming one of the most popular newspapers in Nigeria. The newspaper's focus is essentially on personalities related to Nigerian sports, with special emphasis on football.
Complete Sports is published in Nigeria and parts of the Republic of Benin and Cameroon. It is one of the most important newspapers in West Africa.

The Guardian the guardian ng

The Guardian is dated February 22, 1983 as a weekly by Mr. Alex Ibru, a businessman, and Mr. Stanley Macebuh, a renowned journalist for the Daily Times. The model of this newspaper was copied from The Guardian published in the United Kingdom. The Guardian was the first newspaper to effectively do quality journalism in this country.
The daily publication of this newspaper only happened five months after its first edition.
As far as scope and content are concerned, its perspective is national and independent of any interest.
Your main opponent is The Punch's main competitor.
This newspaper's main audience is the more educated class, unlike its rival, The Punch.
In the year 88, The Guardian newspaper was mentioned by The New York Times in 1988 as being the most important, discerning and sensible newspaper in Nigeria.

This Day this day

"This Day" is a Nigerian national newspaper first distributed on 22nd January 1995. It is Leaders & Company Ltd's highest profile and popular newspaper. Its head office is in Apapa, Lagos, but there are also offices and correspondents in several states in Nigeria, as well as around the world. The content of this newspaper is mainly read by businessmen, politicians, diplomats and the middle class.
The newspaper was a pioneer in terms of being printed in color and becoming digital across Africa.
There is a "THIS DAY" award, in which the newspaper highlights the main names of society for their contributions and achievements.

Osun Defender osun defender

Osun Defender is a private tabloid whose main focus is Osun State, Nigeria. Belongs to Moremi Publishing House Ltd of Osogbo, Osun. Its boss editor is Mr. Kola Olabisi who believes he has the sixth most visited newspaper portal in the country.
It was created in 2006 and is the main voice of the political party Action Congress of Nigeria.

Daily Punch daily punch

The Punch is a Nigerian newspaper with daily circulation, which was born on August 8, 1970. It was created by James Aboderin and Sam Amuka.
The initial purpose was to inform and entertain Nigerians as well as the world.
Later, the newspaper took on a political stance, essentially in disfavor of the Shagari regime and with strong anti-government overtones in its stance.

Nigerian Tribune nigerian tribune

The Nigerian Tribune was born in 1949 by Mr. Obafemi Awolowo. It is the oldest private English language newspaper distributed in Ibadan, Nigeria.
Years ago the newspaper was the mouthpiece of Awolowo's populist welfare programs and was crucial in defending the Yoruba people. After the 60s, the government was responsible for most publications until the 90s, however other private newspapers continued to publish public and private scandals and the government tried to stop them, while saying that The Nigerian Tribune was their favorite newspaper.

Vanguard vanguard

In 1984, Vanguard Media, based in Lagos, Nigeria, was created by Mr. Sam Amuka-Pemu and three of his friends.
Vanguard is a newspaper owned by Vanguard Media and one of the few dailies in Nigeria that is considered independent from political control.

Nation the nation

The Nation is a daily newspaper distributed in Nigeria's largest city, Lagos.
From 2009 to 2011 it was considered the second most read newspaper in the country.
The newspaper calls itself a defender of justice, freedom and market economy.
Its main readers are top businessmen, politicians, the wealthiest and most educated.
The focus and contents of the newspaper are the economy, business, politics, sport in general, arts and also culture.
The newspaper was the first to have national distribution in all states for two years.

Daily Trust daily trust

Media Trust is a private group and a major Nigerian newspaper media company. Its headquarters are in the center of the country, in Abuja.
The Daily Trust was first published in January 2001. The Media Trust and the Daily Trust are the most widely distributed newspapers in the north of the country, both having online editions.
They present the "Daily Trust African of the Year" award, which highlights Africans who have contributed the most to society.

National Accord national accord

National Accord is an online general interest newspaper first published in hard copy as a national daily from March 2011 to January 2014 and distributed in all states of Nigeria.
In February 2014, only its online version remained.

The Sun the sun

The Daily Sun is a Nigerian daily newspaper created and distributed in Lagos, Nigeria. In 2011, it was considered the most popular and highest selling newspaper in Nigeria.
The Daily Sun was born in March 2001, being a weekly newspaper at the time. Later, in January 2003, it became a daily newspaper. The focus of its content targets the age group between 18 to 45 years old.
This newspaper is in some points similar to The Sun, published in the United Kingdom.

PM News pm news

PM News is a newspaper from the city of Lagos in Nigeria.
It was created in 1993 and is owned by Independent Communications Network Limited.
The News began distribution in August 1994 as an afternoon newspaper focusing on news, fashion, sports and entertainment.

Leadership leadership

Leadership newspaper is a Nigerian daily, created in October 2004 by Sam Nda-Isaiah. The headquarters is in the capital of Nigeria, Abuja.
The newspaper has much of its focus on defending the interests of the Nigerian state.

Daily Times the daily times

The Daily Times is a newspaper based in Lagos, a city located in southwest Nigeria.
At its peak (1970s) it was one of the most successful entities in Africa. It came to be owned by the government in 1975.

The Tide the tide

The Tide is a Nigerian daily newspaper, one of the most popular newspapers in the country.
It belongs entirely to the state and provides a digital version.

National Network national network

The National Network is an English language newspaper created in November 2004.
Its circulation is weekly. It belongs to the Network Printing and Publishing Company which is headquartered in Port Harcourt which is the capital and largest city of Rios State, Nigeria.
The main themes of this weekly newspaper are news in general, sport, business and society.

newspapers questions

Nigeria Newspapers List questions

What is the most widely read newspaper in Nigeria?

The Punch newspaper is the most widely read newspaper in Nigeria.

Who made the first newspaper in Nigeria?

Rev Henry Townsend created the first newspaper "Iwe Irohin Fun Awon Ara Egba Ati Yoruba" which was published on November 23, 1859. The main themes of the newspaper were about the church. It was published twice a month with a circulation of 3,000 copies.

What was the first newspaper in Nigeria?

Iwe Irohin was founded on November 23, 1859 in Abeokuta by Rev. Henry Townsend, an English missionary. It was first published twice a month in Yoruba.

How did newspaper began in Nigeria?

In 1840, European missionaries established community newspapers to spread Christianity which later gave rise to the establishment of other newspapers.

Who is the father of press in Nigeria?

Nnamdi Azikiwe was a pioneer in the West African newspaper industry, proving that journalism in English can succeed.

How many newspapers do we have in Nigeria?

Today there are over 100 newspapers that inform the Nigerian public about current events in the country.

How many people read newspapers in Nigeria?

The average total circulation of newspapers is about 2.76 million.

Where do Nigerians get their news?

The Nigerian News Agency and the Nigerian Television Authority are both owned and operated by the Federal Government of the country.
The News Agency was created to facilitate the dissemination of news in Nigeria and also to make it difficult to spread bad news about the country.

What is the oldest private newspaper in Nigeria?

The Nigerian Tribune is Nigeria's oldest private newspaper, dating back to 1949. Its founder was Obafemi Awolowo.
It is an English language newspaper distributed in the city of Ibadan.

Who is the first female journalist in Nigeria?

Hajiya Bilkisu Yusuf was a Nigerian journalist, editor and columnist, famous for being the country's first female journalist.

Who is the best female writer in Nigeria?

Buchi Emecheta was a Nigerian writer based in London who wrote theater plays, an autobiography and children's books. She was considered the best writer in the country.


Other less popular Nigerian newspapers

90 Minutes Goal (Port Harcourt / Lagos city / Abuja city)

The Abuja Inquirer (Abuja city, Port Harcourt, Lagos city, Asaba, Kaduna)

The Atlantic Post

African Herald Express

Africa Prime News

Afrol News

Agvictor (Lagos city)

AllAfrica: Nigeria

Amen Super News (Enugu state)

The Authority Newspaper (Abuja city, Lagos city)

The Beam News (Rivers State / Port Harcourt)

Blank News Online (Delta State)

Blueprint (Abuja city and Northern Nigeria)

Brainnewspaper (Cross River state in southeastern Nigeria)

Business Day

Business Hallmark News (Ogun state)

Business News

Buzz Nigeria

Buzz Reporters (Abuja city, Lagos city)

Champion News

Channels Television

Complete Sports (Oyo city, Ibadan, Lagos city, Abuja city)

Connect Africa (Lagos city)

Daily Independent

Daily News watch

Daily Post

DBS Warri (Delta)

Emirate News NG (Kwara state, Lagos city, Oyo city, Ilorin, Ogbomoso, Kogi, Ondo and Ekiti)

First Reports (Akwa Ibom state)

Flash Point (Delta State)

Fresh Angle (Delta State)

GH Bulletin (Benue state, Makurdi city and Northern Nigeria)

The Guardian

Ibomdaily mail (Uyo state)

Igbo Watch (Enugu state)

Imo Trumpeta (States: Imo, Abia, Rivers, Anambra, Enugu and Ebonyi state)

The Informant 247 (Kwara state) (Lagos city)


JeuneAfrique (Language: French)

Naij (Lagos city)

Naija News 24/7 (Tanke community)

Naija News (Kwara state)

National Daily (Lagos city)

National Mirror (National)

New Mail (Lagos city)

New Nigeria (Kaduna city)

New Telegraph (Abuja city, Lagos city)

The New Times (Benue state)

News Center (Enugu state)

News Centric (Edo state)

The News Chronicle (Abuja city)

News of Nigeria

News Nigeria

News Unlimited (Lagos city)

Nigeria Communications Week (Lagos city, Abuja city)

Nigeria penNg (Calabar city)

Nigeria Sun

Nigerian NewsDirect (Lagos city, Abuja city, Port Harcourt, Abeokuta , Osogbo and Uyo state)

Nigeria World

Nigerian Alert

The Nigerian Current

Nigeria News (Akwa Ibom state)

Nigerian Insider News (Abuja city)

Nigerian News

Nigerian Observer (Edo State, Benin City)

Nigerian Telegraph (Abuja city, Lagos city)

Nigerian News Desk (Lagos city)

The Pointer (Delta State)

Politics Nigeria (Lagos city)

Port Harcourt Telegraph (Rivers State)

Premium Times

Prima News

Primetime Reporters (Lagos city, Anambra and Abuja city)

Prompt News Online (Abuja city)

Quick News Africa

Royal Times (all Nigerian States)

Sahara Reporters

Secrets Reporters

Secure Nigeria 365 (Lagos city, Abuja city)

State Reporters (Lagos city)

Sub-Saharan Informer

TDPel Media (Lagos city)

Times Update

Trillertunes (Oyo city)

The Will

The Worldfolio

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