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Major Canada Newspapers List: The Globe & Mail, The Toronto Star, National Post, Ottawa Citizen, The Toronto Sun... Largest Canadian newspapers by circulation.

  • the globe and mail

    Ottawa, Canada

  • toronto star

    Ottawa, Canada

  • national post

    Ottawa, Canada

  • msn canada

    MSN Canada


  • toronto sun

    Ontario, Canada

  • vancouver sun

    Ottawa, Canada

  • yahoo canada

    Yahoo Canada


  • calgary herald

    Ottawa, Canada

  • la presse

    Ottawa, Canada

  • journal de montreal

    Ottawa, Canada

  • montreal gazette

    Ottawa, Canada

  • ottawa citizen

    Ontario, Canada

  • the fre press

    Ottawa, Canada

  • edmonton journal

    Edmonton, Canada

  • times colonist

    British Columbia, Canada

Canada Newspapers Listlist

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The Globe And Mail the globe and mail

The Globe and Mail is a Canadian English-language newspaper based in Toronto and present in six cities across Canada. It's the newspaper with the largest circulation in the country and the second most important, just behind the Toronto Star. It belongs to CTVglobemedia.

The Toronto Star toronto star

The Toronto Star, formerly known as the Evening Star, is Canada's largest daily newspaper in weekly circulation. It's second in daily circulation on weekdays and Saturdays. It is published in a Sunday edition also. Toronto Star Newspapers Ltd is a division of Star Media Group, a subsidiary of Torstar Corporation. It was created in 1892.

National Post national post

Founded in 1998, the National Post is a Canadian English-language newspaper based in Toronto. It is part of the Postmedia Network.

It is a conservative or neoconservative newspaper. The National Post was one of the few Canadian newspapers to support Israel in the conflict with Hezbollah in Lebanon.

MSN Canada msn canada

Well-known portal from all over the world that belongs to Microsoft. The main theme of the page in question are issues related to Canada and the world.

Toronto Sun toronto sun

Toronto Sun is a Canadian tabloid, founded in 1971 based in Toronto. The newspaper is one of several Sun tabloids published by Postmedia Network. The first edition dates from 1971.

Vancouver Sun vancouver sun

The Vancouver Sun, also known as just The Sun, is a daily newspaper based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The newspaper belongs to the Pacific Newspaper Group, a division of the Postmedia Network. It's distributed six days a week, except Sunday. It's the largest newspaper in Western Canada as far as newspaper circulation figures are concerned.

Yahoo Canada yahoo canada

Another well known portal to all of us, owned by Apollo Global Management. The portal exists since 1995 and was pioneer of the primordial internet. The page is obviously dedicated to Canada and the world too.

Calgary Herald calgary herald

The Calgary Herald is a Canadian daily newspaper. It has its headquarters in Calgary, Alberta. It is owned by the Postmedia Network. The newspaper won the 2010 Michener Award, one of the best distinctions in Canadian journalism.

La Presse la presse

It was founded in the distant year of 1884. It's a French language newspaper that is distributed daily in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It serves a middle-class clientele with themes such as arts, sports, business or economy, among many others.

Journal De Montreal journal de montreal

Le Journal de Montréal is a daily newspaper distributed in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It is the most popular French-language newspaper in North America. Created by Pierre Péladeau in 1964, today it belongs to the Sun Media division of Quebecor Media. It is the largest tabloid newspaper in the country.

Montreal Gazette montreal gazette

The Montreal Gazette, initially called The Gazette, is one of the oldest and currently the only English-language daily newspaper published in the city of Montreal, Canada. In Quebec, where French is officially spoken, it has two other newspapers in English: Sherbrooke Record and the weekly Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph.

Ottawa Citizen ottawa citizen

The Ottawa Citizen is an English-language daily newspaper. Belongs to the Postmedia Network in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. It was created as The Bytown Packet in 1845 by William Harris and then renamed "Citizen" in 1851. The paper's original motto was Fair play and Day-Light.

Winnipeg Free Press the fre press

Winnipeg Free Press is a newspaper from Winnipeg, the capital of the largest city in the Canadian province of Manitoba, Canada. It circulates daily and was founded in 1872.

Edmonton Journal edmonton journal

It was founded in 1903 by three local businessmen and is currently owned by Postmedia Network Inc. since 2010. It is distributed six days a week and covers topics such as news, sports, life in general and business. It has partnerships with many organizations and supports community events.

Times Colonist times colonist

Founded in 1980, the newspaper is published daily in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Its content covers topics from Canada and international topics such as art, sports or business.

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